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2015.09.10 06:48

GE Healthcare

SW Engineer 채용

접수기간: 9/30~채용 시(ASAP)


The Software Engineer has responsibilities extending to the development of systems software within the P&L. Additionally, the position may develop distributed software applications for real-time critical motion control of subsystems.

1. Working closely with systems teams in requirements gathering and software design 
2. Interacting with global teams to promote consistency and maximize synergies across common software platforms 
3. Designing and building strong testing infrastructure to minimize dependency"apple-converted-space"> 

4. Leveraging DFR for software, Agile and Lean software development methodologies to drive reliability upstream into the product development life cycle


[Required Qualifications]

1. Bachelor''s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related computer field 
2. Software development cycle and automated testing experience

3. Fluent English communication skills (Verbal/Written)

[Desired Qualifications]
1. Master
’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related computer field 
2. Experience in software platform, advanced applications, user-interface design and/or systems engineering 
3. Experience in platform and application development 
4. Working knowledge of LEAN processing

[How to Apply]

Please submit your English resume and CV via the follwing link:

[For Further Information]

GE Korea 채용팀, 이주미 차장, 02-6201-4032,

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