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2015.08.14 08:12

Credit Suisse

Investment Banking Division

Korea FID Junior Structurer 채용

접수기간: 8/2~채용 시(ASAP)


Job ID: 058676

Location: Seoul

Schedule: Full-time

Business Area: Investment Banking


Korea FID Junior Structurer


We Offer...

Job description

·       Working in Credit Suisse‘s Emerging Markets Structuring Team in Seoul; idea generation and evaluations of solutions to regulatory and business challenges and their implementation

·       Maintaining a close dialogue with Sales and Trading; interaction with clients to identify client needs and achieve client satisfaction

·       Working on projects and hedging transactions which are designed to optimize the risk profile and capital requirements of the bank

·       Active involvement in the structuring and marketing process of market transactions

·       Modelling and pricing of financial products, negotiations with counterparts, documentation of derivative transactions etc.

·       Insight in legal and regulatory requirements

·       Remain up-to-date with the evolution of regulatory frameworks impacting the banking industry (Basel, etc.)


You Offer...


·       University degree or above

·       Entrepreneurial spirit and strong will to develop and innovate current activities

·       High sense of quality and excellent focus on details

·       High flexibility, proactivity, sense of responsibility and the power of endurance

·       Strong quantitative background, including a sound understanding of financial mathematics

·       Proficient in Excel/VBA programming or similar programming language

·       Good written and oral communications skills in English and Korean


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