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2015.08.09 15:04

NIKE Korea

Demand Planner 채용


접수기간: 7/7~8/16



Seoul, South Korea, South Korea

Ref#: 120007860

Date published: 7-Jul-2015


Division: Merchandising

Job title: Demand Planner

Work Location: Seoul, South Korea



As a Demand Planner, you will provide information, analysis and recommendations to drive planning decisions during all phases of seasonal product life-cycle. You will drive data and analysis inputs to cross-functional team members to influence category line planning. You will utilize advanced forecasting techniques to analyze market and product trends to develop seasonal demand forecasts and long range plans.


You will develop detailed demand and inventory plans that meet category revenue targets. You will determine forecasts based on merchandising assortment plans, statistical forecasting inputs, and historical trends with inventory profitability goals. You will manage the planning processes to meet multi-season calendar timelines, ensure data integrity and continually improve forecast accuracy. You will work with cross-functional team members to develop improved, integrated cross-functional processes.



- Sense and Plan the Marketplace

- Demand Plan Maintenance 

- Effective Communication

- Short range/Long range forecast


Requirements for the position include:

·       Bachelor's degree 

·       1-5 years’ experience with planning function preferred.

·       Strong analytical and problem solving skills with ability to make robust recommendations.

·       Strong information seeking skills and follow-through. 

·       Detail oriented and self-motivated, with strong organizational skills (multi-tasking).

·       Ability to work independently and cooperatively in a diverse group. 

·       Strong verbal and written communication skills, including meeting facilitation and presentations. 

·       Must have good negotiating and influencing skills and ability to resolve conflict and multiple priorities.

·       High level of proficiency with MS Excel, Visual Basic

·       Experience with SAP (ERP), Cognos (BI) or other advanced planning systems are preferred


Apply by Sunday midnight, August 16th.

Please do not wait until the due date to apply.


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